An expert platform for the formation and implementation of good corporate governance standards and international practice of Boards of Directors in public and private companies of the SR countries.
Corporate Governance
Professional development
Region Investment Attractiveness
Our mission is to contribute to the prosperity and sustainable development of companies in the SR countries through international corporate governance and Board practices.
What we do
Corporate Governance
Furtherance of international best practices of corporate governance in the Uzbekistan market and neighboring region:

o Organizing international forums and flagship events as a means of dialogue on corporate governance;
o Advising government and regional regulatory bodies on the adoption of global corporate governance standards and their adaptation to the Silk Road market (Central Asia, China, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, etc.), hereinafter – SR;

o Sharing relevant international studies and best practices and making regional research;

o Advising the business community, including individual state and private companies, on corporate governance models, on the creation of Boards and on Board performance; holding seminars and specialized sessions for companies on current market trends.
Professional development
Professional development of senior executives and shareholders in the area of corporate governance including formation of independent directors for company Boards
Investment Attractiveness
Enabling increased investment attractiveness of the local market and thereby promoting further international capital in-flow by leading public and private companies to Uzbekistan and the region

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